PAI Gene Information

Name : unnamed
Accession : AAC33722.1
PAI name : SPI-5
PAI accession : AF060858
Strain : Salmonella enterica RSK2980
Virulence or Resistance: Not determined
Product : unknown
Function : -
Note : ORFX
Homologs in the searched genomes :   66 hits    ( 66 protein-level )  
Publication :
    -Galyov,E.E., Wood,M.W., Rosqvist,R., Mullan,P.B., Watson,P.R., Hedges,S. and Wallis,T.S., "A secreted effector protein of Salmonella dublin is translocated into eukaryotic cells and mediates inflammation and fluid secretion in infected ileal mucosa", Mol. Microbiol. 25 (5), 903-912 (1997) PUBMED 9364916.

    -Wood,M.W. and Galyov,E.E., "Direct Submission", Submitted (21-APR-1998) MB, Institute for Animal Health, Compton, Nr. Newbury, Berkshire RG20 7NN, UK.

    -Wood,M.W., Jones,M.A., Watson,P.R., Hedges,S., Wallis,T.S. and Galyov,E.E., "Identification of a pathogenicity island required for Salmonella enteropathogenicity", Mol. Microbiol. 29 (3), 883-891 (1998) PUBMED 9723926.

DNA sequence :

Protein sequence :