Pathogenicity Island: SPI-5

• General information

Name : SPI-5
Host strain : Salmonella enterica 2229
Function : Effector proteins for SPI-1 and SPI-2 (SopB, SigD, PipB)
Insertion site : tRNA-serT

• GenBank accessions: 1 records

1) AF060858 (9739 bp)

    Definition : Salmonella dublin regulatory protein CopR (copR), histidine kinase (copS), SPI-4 pathogenicity island containing dipeptidase homolog (pipD), SopB (sopB), PipC (pipC), PipB (pipB), and PipA (pipA) genes, complete cds; and tRNA-Ser gene, complete sequence;

    Publication :
    - Galyov,E.E., Wood,M.W., Rosqvist,R., Mullan,P.B., Watson,P.R., Hedges,S. and Wallis,T.S., "A secreted effector protein of Salmonella dublin is translocated into eukaryotic cells and mediates inflammation and fluid secretion in infected ileal mucosa", Mol. Microbiol. 25 (5), 903-912 (1997) PUBMED 9364916.

    - Wood,M.W., Jones,M.A., Watson,P.R., Hedges,S., Wallis,T.S. and Galyov,E.E., "Identification of a pathogenicity island required for Salmonella enteropathogenicity", Mol. Microbiol. 29 (3), 883-891 (1998) PUBMED 9723926.

    - Wood,M.W. and Galyov,E.E., "Direct Submission", Submitted (21-APR-1998) MB, Institute for Animal Health, Compton, Nr. Newbury, Berkshire RG20 7NN, UK.


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